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Ensemble Makedonka

Ensemble Makedonka is the Senior and Professional Group is the pinnacle of excellence in Macedonian folklore dance.

Designed for experienced dancers who have a deep-rooted passion for preserving and promoting Macedonian tradition and culture, this program not only refines dance skills but also serves as a cultural ambassador, traveling across North America and the international stage to represent Canadian Macedonians.

At its core, this ensemble is dedicated to passing on the torch of culture and dance to younger generations.

For more information about joining the Ensemble, complete the form through the link below.

Key Program Highlights

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Traditional Macedonian Folklore Dances

At the heart of our program are the beautiful and diverse Macedonian folklore dances. Students will learn a wide array of these dances, each representing different regions and stories from Macedonia. These dances are passed down through generations and are a testament to the country's cultural richness.

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National and International Representation

As cultural ambassadors, members of this ensemble have the honor of representing Canadian Macedonians on international stages. They share the vibrant Macedonian culture with audiences around the world, fostering cultural exchange and appreciation.


Promoting Culture to Younger Generations

A vital aspect of Ensemble Makedonka's mission is to pass on the legacy of Macedonian culture and dance to younger generations. Members engage in mentoring and educational initiatives, inspiring and training the next generation of Macedonian folklore enthusiasts.

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