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Mladi Makedonci


Mladi Makedonci, the Intermediate Group of Ensemble Makedonka, is a dynamic and culturally immersive folklore program designed for individuals who have both already embarked on their journey of learning traditional Macedonian folklore dances as well as dancers who would like to join the family at an older age.


Beyond mastering the art of dance, this program fosters camaraderie, imparts in-depth knowledge of Macedonian tradition and culture, and provides opportunities for members to travel and showcase Macedonian heritage across Ontario and North America

Key Program Highlights

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Traditional Macedonian Folklore Dances

At the heart of our program are the beautiful and diverse Macedonian folklore dances. Students will learn a wide array of these dances, each representing different regions and stories from Macedonia. These dances are passed down through generations and are a testament to the country's cultural richness.

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Friendship and Community

Mladi Makedonci isn't just about dance; it's also about forging lasting bonds with fellow enthusiasts who share a passion for Macedonian culture. As members practice and perform together, they build friendships that extend beyond the dance floor.

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Cultural Education

An essential component of our program is an in-depth exploration of Macedonian tradition, history, and customs. Members will gain a profound understanding of the rich cultural tapestry of Macedonia, fostering a sense of cultural pride and connection.

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